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Robert S. King

Production Editor
Diane Kistner
Associate Editors
Ruth Bavetta, poetry
David Chorlton, poetry and essays
Sara Clancy, poetry
Joan Colby, poetry, fiction, and essays
Mike James, poetry
Marie C. Lecrivain, fiction and essays
Rachel L. MacAulay, essays
Rachel L. MacAulay
Associate Editor for Essays and Associate Book Editor of FutureCycle Press

A freelance writer/proofreader for the last two decades, Rachel began her editorial journey at John Wiley & Sons straight out of college. Not content with chemical encyclopedias, she went where opportunity knocked: taking on many roles in stints at a non-profit association, independent TV news channel, indie film company, and community college. She honed her analytical skills for many years as a wireless technology analyst before stopping to focus first on family, and then on words. Rachel has been shaped by her time living in both Bristol, England, and Tzfat, Israel, and is still not quite sure how she ended up in suburban New Jersey.