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Robert S. King

Production Editor
Diane Kistner
Associate Editors
Ruth Bavetta, poetry
David Chorlton, poetry and essays
Sara Clancy, poetry
Joan Colby, poetry, fiction, and essays
Mike James, poetry
Marie C. Lecrivain, fiction and essays
Rachel L. MacAulay, essays
Diane Kistner
Production Editor and Director, FutureCycle Press

A small press editor/publisher since the early seventies and winner of several national awards for her poetry, Diane Kistner stopped writing poems in her twenties but still vibrates to its psychology, mystery, and music. She’s spent most of her life working as an editor and typographer; writing non-fiction and software utilities; and, in general, happily making huge messes while learning how to do and grow new things. Before retiring in the late nineties, she worked as a trauma therapist and also developed and composed the music for Ultradia, a 90-minute ultradian rhythm entrainment cycle used in balancing and healing work. Diane’s “partner in crime” is the poet Robert S. King. She served as “press grunt” from FutureCycle Press’s inception in 2007 and took over as Director in 2012.​