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Robert S. King

Production Editor
Diane Kistner
Associate Editors
Ruth Bavetta, poetry
David Chorlton, poetry and essays
Sara Clancy, poetry
Joan Colby, poetry, fiction, and essays
Mike James, poetry
Marie C. Lecrivain, fiction and essays
Rachel L. MacAulay, essays
Mike James
Associate Editor for Poetry

Mike has been widely published in such places as Negative Capability, Soundings East, Chiron Review, Laurel Review, and Birmingham Poetry Review. Among his nine poetry collections are Peddler’s Blues, The Year We Let The House Fall Down, Elegy In Reverse, and Past Due Notices. He has previously served as an associate editor of Kentucky Review, as an associate editor of Autumn House Press, as the publisher of Yellow Pepper Press, and as the Waneta T. Blake Visiting Professor at the University of Maine, Fort Kent. He makes his home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.